What are auto racing bets?

Car / motorcycle racing is a very bright, extreme, spectacular and exciting sport that has a huge audience of fans. Betting on cars / motorcycle races is done by completely different types of players. For some, it is enough to get an extra dose of adrenaline, while others rely on income from such stakes.

How to analyze races?

Look first of all at the standings. If at the beginning of the season all the car riders strive to show the maximum result, then towards the end many of them are no longer so motivated because of the missed chances for a high place.
Racers, like any other sportsman, have periods of ups and downs, so rely not on the athlete’s average, but on the results of recent races. Consider the features of the tracks. Some athletes may be more adapted to the track, so you should study the results of recent seasons on this track. Also, remember that car riders generally perform better in their home countries than in other countries.

What factors to take into account?

Many bookmakers do not pay due attention to Formula 1 gambling, and players can take advantage of this. By understanding races, you can identify loopholes for additional income.
Sports gambling is not limited to statistics and analytics of the upcoming event. Competent bettors always consider the following points:
Features of the track. Sport competitions on high-speed cars take place on all continents of the world, on different surfaces. There are slow routes (Monaco, Singapore), medium speed (Britain, France) and high speed (Mexico, Italy). The features of the track determine the rhythm of the ride, because each rider has his own tactics, his own style. Where sharp turns are required, the weather will be built by race cars with powerful engines. On slow race tracks, where the main role is played by the chassis, Renault and Honda cars will show themselves better.
Weather. Have a direct impact on the result. It’s one thing to ride in the sun, and quite another to ride in heavy rain. Under all circumstances, riders must show all their skill and care. Unfavorable weather conditions can greatly affect the results of the race. Rain, high winds, fog, dust and snow can produce opposite results. It is better not to make stakes in such situations.
The technical component. In the case of Formula 1, the technical characteristics of the cars, the well-coordinated work of the team, the correct choice of strategy by the rider and many other, less significant factors, on which the result depends, are of great importance. Before gambling on the Formula 1 championship, a detailed study of the news is required. In their interviews, pilots often mention the nuances of racing cars, various damages, from which it is important to draw conclusions.
Considering these moments, it is much easier to determine the favorite, whose victory will bring good money.

What are the race bets?

Since you have decided to bet on “royal car racing”, there are some outcomes that need to be investigated. Bookmakers offer this option – a triumphant. The easiest bet is on who finishes first and wins the race.
A more detailed analysis is required for bets on:

  1. the winner not of an individual competition (for example, that it will be Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel), but of the entire qualifying round;
  2. all winners who will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd places;
  3. the pilot who will cover one lap of the track faster than anyone;
  4. points area stakes (forecast of the first 8 crews).

These types of sport stakes are the most popular. There are other options, for example, guessing the number of riders who made it to the finish line, betting on a specific car, its departure from the track, or the team that will lose all of its vehicles.

What is the correct way to bet on Formula 1?

Formula 1 is a very difficult sport to bet on. A huge number of factors affect the result of a race. Among them are the weather, the physical and moral condition of the pilots and mechanics, the tactics for the race, the degree of wear of the units, fines during and before the race, and some other unforeseen circumstances. The fate of a race is sometimes decided by a split second, and anything can influence them. That is why it is considered that in “F1” it is unprofitable to bet on small odds, which means that it is necessary to select such options so that the quote is at least about 2.00, and the probability of passing is high. It is not recommended for beginners to start betting money right away, it is better to practice on a virtual account first.
There are two race betting strategies in this sport. You can put before the qualification without knowing how the places on the starting grid will be allocated, you can put after the qualification. The first option is suitable for fans of predictions on the total of finishing drivers and other general bets that do not directly affect the order of the riders in the classification. The second option is a great chance to bet on a strong pilot who did not manage to qualify highly, or he was penalized with the loss of places on the starting grid. The coefficients for it are higher, and the chances of success will not be much less.

Is it worth betting on races?

Every self-respecting bookmaker invites you to bet on Formula 1. In this sport, such an opportunity is a real value, as it allows you to save your money from some force majeure. Before the start of the race, you can bet on the favorite, but already in the first corner he will fall into the starting block and leave the race. First lap accidents are the most common bet breakers.
Choose an office with good odds, conduct a competent analysis, choose your favorites and win!