Founder of the F1, the racing father, Frank Williams has died at the age of 79

Sir Frank Williams, founder and former crew chief of Williams Racing, has passed away at the age of 79, states in .
He played a crucial role in building and developing Formula 1, actually, due to his efforts Williams Racing was put to the top of the platform with a total win of 16 world drivers’ and constructors’ championships. He also left his mark as the longest-serving team manager in the world history of the sport.
The life of Sir Williams stopped on Friday, when the noble representative died peacefully surrounded by his family.
Lots of Frank’s friends and colleagues remember him as a very extraordinary man, moreover, most of them affirm his life was even more extravagant after the founder suffered a terrible car accident in France, in which he was injured so badly that the doctors considered switching off life support measures.
Despite being in a wheelchair, the founder had the powers to lead a life full of impressions and real actions. Not the last role played by his wife, who supported the husband in everything.
After the incident, Sir remained team boss for another 34 years before the largest family-run team in Formula 1 was sold to an American investment group.
Frank Williams was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1999, this confirmed once more what a prominent person he was.

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