What is Formula 1 betting?

The Formula 1 season lasts from March to November and includes about 20 stages, the composition and number of which change literally every year. New tracks appear, old ones leave the calendar, but there are a number of Grand Prix that are classic and untouchable. It is very prestigious to win a race in Monaco, Belgium, or Italy, and therefore the races here always turn out to be extraordinary.

The number of teams in Formula 1 is unstable. At the moment there are 10 of them, each with two cars, a total of 20 riders. Each team has its own chassis, which means that all cars are controlled differently.

What are the types of racing tracks?

All routes are conventionally divided into three types: slow (for example, Singapore and Monaco), high-speed (Italy and Mexico), and medium-speed (France and Great Britain).
Naturally, the higher the average speed on the ring, the more important is the engine power, which means that you should pay special attention to race cars with a Mercedes engine. On slow racing tracks, the chassis comes to the fore – and here you can focus on the Renault and Honda customers. On medium-speed tracks, the combination of engine and car aerodynamics is important.

What are the types of bets on Formula 1?

Formula 1 stakes can be divided into three broad groups: season stakes, qualification stakes and race stakes. With the first, everything is clear: these are predictions for the winner of the championship and for the owner of the Constructors’ Cup (team classification). We need to dwell on the other two types in more detail.
Qualification betting. For qualifications, bookmakers, as a rule, do not give a broad line and are limited to comparing pilots and the winner of the qualification. And for the most part, this is a comparison of two representatives of the same team, and the coefficient for one of the riders is usually noticeably less than for his partner. This is due to the fact that with an identical technique in qualification, everything is decided by the pilot’s skill, and it is quite simple to predict who will be ahead of whom.
Race Betting. A much wider line is offered for the competition. You can also compare two pilots. This is one of the easiest options. The winner is the driver who is higher in the final classification, and only if they both leave the competition after colliding with each other, the stake is calculated as a refund.
You can gamble not only on personalities but also simply on the total of the finishing pilots.
Bets on whether a safety car will enter the track are also accepted and very common. An important point here is that after the introduction of the virtual safety car (VSC), it began to travel much less frequently. This is especially true for non-urban autodromes with wide safety zones. On narrow routes, the appearance of a real safety car is almost guaranteed.

What is a reliable way to bet on Formula 1?

Formula 1 is a very difficult sport to gamble on. A huge number of factors affect the result of a race. Among them are the weather, the physical and moral condition of the pilots and mechanics, the tactics for the race, the degree of wear of the units, fines during and before the race, and some other unforeseen circumstances. The fate of a race is sometimes decided by a split second, and anything can influence them. That is why it is considered that in “F1” it is unprofitable to bet on small odds, which means that it is necessary to select such options so that the quote is at least about 2.00, and the probability of passing is high.