What is race betting?

Unlike football, hockey, and basketball championships, which are held almost all year round, the number of car competitions is very limited. But this did not prevent race gambling from gaining popularity among bettors.

For example, bets on Formula 1 are limited to only 19-20 stages per season, and the breaks between stages can be up to a month. Moreover, in the same football or basketball, the painting is much more variable.

What are the top tips for racing sports betting?

Tournament rules differ greatly depending on the competition class: Formula 1, Nascar, Rally, DTM series, etc.
It is important to familiarize yourself with the standings, view the latest news, grand prix previews, interviews with team bosses, where their goals and plans are often revealed. It is also worth considering the features of the track. Some pilots love wide roads, some are especially good at home. It is worth remembering that narrow routes do not provide for a lot of overtaking. Remember to check the weather forecast as rain, fog, and strong winds can make the outcome of a race unpredictable. Free Formula 1 predictions from experts are published on many websites or sports blogs!

What are the types of auto racing bets?

If earlier bets on auto racing were made only on the winners, today every bookmaker has many options for gambling:

  • Race winner. It is the most popular gambling option. Due to the equality of pilots, bookmakers usually give good odds on the riders.
  • Place in the top three. You can predict whether, say, Lewis Hamilton finishes in the prizes or not. It can also be a range of top 5, top 10, etc.
  • Duel of two pilots: compare which of them will be higher in the Grand Prix.
  • On a person who completes the fastest lap in the race.
  • On a particular pilot who completes the race and on how many people will reach the finish line.
  • On a car which will be the first to leave the track.
  • On a time difference between positions.
  • Which team will win the competition.
  • Whether the appearance of a safe car will take place. In the event of an accident, a safety car enters the competition.
  • In addition, bets are accepted on qualifications that take place before the competition, as well as on winning the championship and the Constructors’ Cup.

To bet or not to bet?

There are many things to consider in racing:
Weather. Some pilots ride better in the rain than others, some teams perform better in dry weather, while others, on the contrary. The weather factor should also be taken into account in stakes on the number of pilots who will get to the finish line or on the appearance of a safety car – in the rain, the risk of accidents increases significantly.
Features of the track. Urban tracks are suitable for teams with better aerodynamics, while fast tracks with long straight lines are suitable for owners of more powerful engines.
Human factor. The racer is also a human being. He can get injured, get sick, he can be abandoned by his beloved wife or girlfriend. All this affects motivation, behavior in the car, and as a result, the final outcome. You need to follow the news, interviews with riders and team leaders.
Technical points. Tire suppliers bring different types of tires to different Grand Prix. Some teams work better with softer compositions, while others work harder. Sometimes, due to some design features of the car, one of the teams is faced with increased tire wear, which leads to unnecessary pit stops, reducing the chances of a successful performance.